High commitment, sustainable solutions.

Keystone Solutions is an IT consulting services & information system company that relies on a collaborative model.
Our goal is to support our various customers on their digital transformation projects by providing them our technical expertise with the latest technological innovations.

Scale your workforce and project deliveries based on our 3 services offerings:

Digital Transformation

Stay lean and focus on your core business while leveraging highly I.T. specialized expertise to drive your business forward. We support by maximizing flexibility and speed while optimizing costs. Our operational consultancy solutions expertises are:

  • Functional Analysis
    • Technical Analysis
    • Coding (C#/.NET, Java, PHP)
    • Incident Management
    • Project Management
    • IAM coordination

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    Forces at work?

    • As technology provider, we stay at your side to maintain your solution and update it when required by your business evolution.
    • We deliver tailor made applications development and maintenance according to your needs.
    • We maintain Office 365 domain including the following samples services:

    • SharePoint
      • Lync
        • Exchange
          • VoIP
            • Domain Administration

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            Ready for disruption?

            We care on upgrading your most valuable asset: your information

            We secure your digital information by developing and implementing risk management processes related to the security of your digital information. In a world that tends to become 100% digital and where Businesses are digitizing we secure your digital information through the elaboration and the implementation of IT risk management and risk information security systems in total compliance with the highest Information Technology industry standards such as ISO 27000.

            Our approach is direct, proactive and confidential.

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            Access brightest resources

            We are familiar with your business processes in the following industry sectors:

            Finance Industry

            Insurance Industry

            Utilities Industry

            Trust is paramount.
            Re-inforce your workforce go-to network with the right skills.

            Let’s Get Started!

            Flexible I.T. Professional Services Solutions.

            Fluidify your workforce by strategically leveraging external services and scale at will you contingency I.T. expert with the right skills at the right moment. Our consultants are experts and deliver you day-to-day added value.

            Software Engineering.

            From entry-level websites to full on bespoke line-of-business applications and everything in between. Websites, intranets, extranets, business intelligence, reporting, databases, windows applications and more.

            Information Security Management.

            In a world that tends to become 100% digital and where Businesses are digitizing we secure the information of our customers through the elaboration and the implementation of I.T. risk management and risk information systems. This, in total compliance with the highest Information Technology industry standards such as ISO 27000.

            We allow your business to tap the right resources at the right moment in order to innovate and leverage new technologies at speed.

            1. MEETING

            Trust is paramount for a solid partnership. Getting to know your organization requirements and business needs to enable leveraging our resources deployment.

            2. PLANNING

            Receive the confirmation of our understanding including our fitting approach to identify the right one for the role, planning with getting up to speed for future integration into your company and project.

            3. EXECUTE

            Our capacity to scale to meet demand for larger and more complex project to supply you the required skills. Our size enable us a speed of delivery, quality with our specialization of services. You will receive our detailed workforce proposal to allow you making the right choice.

            4. VALIDATE

            Interview of the selected workforce to ensure rapid integration within your organization and project.

            5. DELIVERY

            Delivery is not the end. We have at Keystone Solutions a strong accountability implying a regular follow-up of the resources and quality of the delivered services.