Societal impact


The directive 2014/95/EU about the non-financial reporting (NFR Directive) lays down rules on disclosure for non-financial and diversity information by companies. 

The NRF Directive encourages the use of frameworks for sustainability and ESG reporting. Indeed, Environmental, Social and Governance is the new measure of success for corporations. At Keystone Solutions, we do our best to make a positive contribution to society.


At Keystone Solutions, we care about the environment and do our best to reduce the impact of our activities on pollution, deforestation, and climate change by continuously improving our environmental performance.

Mobility policy

Keystone Solutions provides cars to employees and selects cars based on several environmental standards. We give priority to the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly cars and aim to have a fully hybrid and full electric fleet.

We also include support for employees who choose alternative means of transportation, such as cycling or public transportation. Indeed, we provide our employees with transport passes and electric scooters.

Waste management

We have eliminated disposable cups and plastics and ensure all products are recycled by sorting our waste.

We have also eliminated cans and provide our members with a water fountain.

Paper reduction

All HR documents are digitized and available on the company’s portal.

We also have implemented collaborative tools that allow us to reduce the number of documents to be printed and to strive against deforestation issues.


A great place to work

Keystone Solutions aims to create a dynamic environment that encourages learning and growth.

We want our employees to feel appreciated that is why we strive to provide our members with a great place to work where they can have a fulfilling social life both on and off the job. This includes maintaining a work/life balance but also offering a range of benefits and activities within the company.

Furthermore, diversity and inclusion is our priority. Our team is culturally rich since we meet all 19 criteria protected by the law against discrimination and we encourage diversity. At Keystone Solutions, there are people from all kind of origins, believes and languages.

Employee training

As an employer, we have the responsibility to offer our members the possibility to benefit from close support. At Keystone Solutions, we work on the development of our members’ skills and on the definition of a career development plan since evolution is a very important element for us.

To achieve this goal, we allow our members to take a variety of training courses of their choice. All this with the sole purpose of enriching their skills and knowledge and grow along with the company.

Customer relationship management

Keystone Solutions listens to its partners to understand their way of working, values, and culture. Our solutions adopt their framework to enable the smoothest transition possible, early adoption of their transformation by all stakeholders and team members.

This translates the respect for our partners, our solutions-oriented mind, and our integrity.

Core values

At Keystone Solutions, we have three fundamental core values which are Commitment, Integrity, and solutions. The first one concerns our commitment to our clients but also our members. Customer Satisfaction is our main concern. We do our best to meet their expectations by saying what we do and doing what we say.

The second important value for us is integrity. We attach a great importance to respecting our fellowmen, colleagues, and clients.

Our third value is solutions. Our strength lies in the fact that we always aim for the best solutions. Indeed, we offer creative and first-class solutions internally and externally. We fix problems.

Humanitarian actions

As a company where the human being is placed at the center, we have already had the chance to lend a hand in various activities set up by associations and organizations of all kinds. We believe that it is important to be committed and to help our fellow man.

We also encourage and give the possibility to our members to propose our participation in humanitarian actions of any kind as a society.


Working with Keystone Solutions enables you to experience our flexibility in terms of governance.

The implementation of your solutions is managed to the level you choose. Together, we collaborate to the level of detail you expect from Keystone Solutions’ team. We have no predefined framework, but we adapt the framework to you.