Talent management

Hiring process

As a growing company, Keystone Solutions value recruitment and apply high Quality Management standards. During the recruiting process, we value four different criteria which are skills, expertise, experience, and shared values. We meticulously select the top talents to join our team.

Our recruitment process in 8 different stages

1. Job description

Job description

Every two weeks, our website is updated with our new job openings and their descriptions.

2. CV assessment & references check

CV assessment & references check

When a candidate applies to one of our jobs opening, a first screen of the resume given is done.

3. Interview with the Operational Business & Account Manager

Interview with the Operational Business & Account Manager

When the candidate’s profile matches our needs, a first meeting is planned to get to know the future colleague better. It allows us to ask general questions and to understand deeper the candidate’s experiences and expectations. It is also the opportunity for us to present Keystone Solutions and our way of working.

4. Online Tests

Online Tests

For technical profiles, we do ask candidates to make an online technical test. This allows us to evaluate their technical level.

5. Interview with a Managing Partner

Interview with a Managing Partner

After receiving the test results, a second interview is planned with one of the two Managing Partner. This interview allows us to understand the expectations of the candidates and to present them our opportunities and emphasize our core values and way of working.

6. Technical Interview with an experienced engineer

Technical interview with an experienced engineer

When it is needed, we organize a meeting with one of our colleagues. It is mainly a discussion about technologies and the result of the test. It is a good way to challenge the candidate and see what his strengths are.

7. Interview with the second Managing Partner

Interview with the second Managing Partner

If all the previous steps are conclusive, a last meeting is organized with the second Managing Partner. This interview allows us to see if the candidate has understood Keystone Solutions principles, projects… and if we can start collaborating with the same objectives which is to build a strong long-term relationship.

8. HR Interview & Assessment

HR Interview & Assessment

When the most important steps are taken, a meeting with HR is planned to talk about the expectations in terms of salary and benefits. An offer is created and sent to the candidate. If the offer meets the candidate’s expectations, we can move to the last step which is the creation of a contract.


Diversity is in our DNA

No discrimination


At Keystone Solutions, the diversity, which is the inclusion of all kind of people and the willing of non-discrimination, is our priority.

There are 19 criteria protected by the law against discrimination which are: age, birth, sexual orientation, nationality, skin color, language, ascendance, physical or genetical characteristics, political believes, religion or philosophical believes, health, fortune, marital status, handicap, syndicalist believes, sex, genre, social origins and ethnical or national origins. To those, you can also add the racism which is also punished but by another law.

Within Keystone team, we have people from all kind of origins, believes, languages, … and we try our best to keep and encourage diversity. As a company located in Brussels which is the capital of our country and the European point of meeting, we try to diversify as much as possible the several cultures and origins: Italian, French, Spanish, Belgian, Portuguese, Moroccan, Indian, …

Moreover, we use as our main language English so that we can have coworkers from all languages (Dutch, French, etc.). We also do not forbid religion signs and we really encourage Keystonians to share about their culture.

Knowledge is the start to understanding and understanding is the start of being open-minded.

Be yourself and share who you are !

Personal Development

Thanks to an efficient Collaborative Model, we surf against philosophical job-hopping waves.

Our goal is to retain top talent until the end of their career. In order to achieve this goal, we strive to provide our members with a pleasant and exciting working environment. Indeed, we enable our members to bring active contribution in the company growth and to benefit from technical & operational stimulating challenges.

Our management team is at your service, and we help you determine concrete professional objectives and build a roadmap to achieve the desired challenge and position within the company. Thus, we ensure you internal growth and responsibilities. We attach great importance to personal development based on 360° feedback interview. You will also benefit from an exclusive salary & benefits package and a smart working which will allow you to have a great work life balance.