Job opportunities

Keystone Solutions is looking for experienced IT professionals.

Local opportunities, national presence

We are an IT Services company that operates differently. Our model is a hybrid approach, blending the experience, intellectual capital, and the leadership of a national firm with the flexibility, personal attention, and cost efficiencies of a local firm. We also developed site specific approach to our business and understand the complexity that high travel ratios create when trying to balance your work life and your lifestyle.

Keystone Solutions invests in our people and we want our people to stay on board. We build teams that meet and exceed the caliber of national firms, but are hired, trained, and deployed locally.

Why Keystone Solutions

At Keystone, our profitability is directly linked to the capability of our team. We see good business sense in investing in the ongoing growth and development of our people. We also focus our services in key industries so that we can afford to develop deep levels of expertise. When you are connected to Keystone, you join a team led by an industry expert, backed by an internal team of resources, and supported ongoing with development opportunities and real-time coaching.

Our talent network

Keystone regularly hires talented individuals. We offer consulting services to a long list of clients who have changing needs and evolving business practices. For this reason, we build relationships with people who might be interested in joining our team now, or sometime from now. Even if you aren’t looking for a new role today, if Keystone seems like a good fit for you, submit your resume and connect with us. We like to add talented people to our professional network as contacts or potential candidates.

When you join the talent network, you will receive alerts with opportunities that match your criteria and you will be able to share opportunities with others in your network. Thanks for checking out our company, hope to see you in our network.


Spontaneous application

You share our values and you see yourself joining our team but the job opportunities do not fully meet your expectations? You can always send us a spontaneous application.