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Functional Analyst – AKA Digital Alchemist

Join us as a Functional Analyst, where you take center stage in deciphering business challenges, crafting ingenious solutions, and seamlessly integrating them into the enterprise environment. It’s not just a job; it’s a visionary journey of innovation and impact.

🚀 Your mission:

💻 Hard Skills:

  • Tech Alchemist: Master web services, APIs, and wield documentation tools like UML and BPMN.
  • Code Whisperer: Analytical prowess in log analysis to pinpoint incident root causes.
  • Programming Guru: Background in programming, with a knack for comprehending code.
  • Tech Maverick: Technical proficiency in web and mobile app development, XML, XSD, JSON, and SoapUI.
  • Testing Virtuoso: Proven experience in testing and integrating web services/APIs with native apps (iOS/Android).

💡 Soft Skills:

  • Harmony Architect: Strike the perfect balance between technical acumen and a business-oriented perspective.
  • Adaptability Maestro: Exhibit quick learning and adaptability to tailor communication for diverse audiences.
  • Agile Enthusiast: Embrace the Agile mindset, thriving in dynamic work environments.
  • Communication Virtuoso: Leverage excellent communication, negotiation, and collaboration skills.
  • Calm Captain: Perform exceptionally well under pressure with a collaborative attitude.
  • Collaboration Maestro: Demonstrate the ability to collaborate within a team and work independently.

🌟Functional Description:

 During Preparation Phase:

  • Innovation Navigator: Collaborate with business analysts and clients to explore solution options aligned with enterprise strategy.
  • Rules Maestro: Ensure adherence to enterprise rules and standards while working with architects to establish architecture.
  • Coordination Conductor: Facilitate coordination among project managers, asset managers, and product owners.
  • Client Whisperer: Act as a liaison between clients, business analysts, and IT teams to ensure a clear understanding of client needs.

 During Elaboration Phase:

  • Translation Maestro: Translate business requirements into detailed functional specifications.
  • Coordination Virtuoso: Coordinate with involved assets to delineate functional responsibilities.
  • Design Sorcerer: Design application solutions and specify requirements for technical teams.

 During Construction Phase:

  • Development Guardian: Monitor development and testing to maintain coherence with functional specifications.
  • Technical Maestro: Provide technical definitions for components supported by various teams.
  • Integration Alchemist: Assist suppliers during development, integration, and testing phases.
  • Defect Detective: Analyze defects during testing and support release and deployment teams.

 Post-Implementation Support:

  • Client Rescuer: Offer third-line support to operational entities and help desks.
  • Solution Conductor: Analyze and coordinate solutions for production incidents.
  • Documentation Artist: Maintain documentation in accordance with changes and updates.

✍️ Language Requirements:

  • Proficiency in English and at least one local language.

🎓 Education:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree or equivalent experience.

👌 Agile Requirements:

  • Agile Virtuoso: Possess an Agile mindset emphasizing positivity, knowledge sharing, team success, and continuous improvement.
  • Adaptability Dynamo: Adaptability to take on various roles within Agile teams as necessary.

📖 Experience/Knowledge:

  • Tech Sage: Minimum 3 years of relevant experience with technical expertise in existing IT systems.
  • Business Maestro: Business experience with knowledge of relevant domains and analysis methodologies.

Soft Skills:

  • Collaboration Captain: Be a strong team player with analytical and communicative abilities.


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