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Business Developer at Keystone Solutions

Keystone Solutions: crafting connections, developing success

At Keystone Solutions, we’re on a mission to bridge the worlds of technology and talent to the business, creating innovative solutions that drive success. We’re in search of a Business Developer. Not just any ordinary one, but a code-cracker, a bug-fixer in the world of business, ready to debug challenges and implement transformative solutions.


🚀 Your Mission

Think of it as developing, but instead of software, you’re crafting relationships and strategic partnerships. You’ll be:

  • Writing ‘code’ to connect with potential clients, using your ‘syntax’ of persuasion and influence.
  • Debugging client needs and deploying tailored Keystone Solutions.
  • Committing to our repository of strategies, ensuring our business objectives are ‘compiled’ without errors.
  • Navigating through the ‘development environment’ of the business world, pushing ‘commits’ of innovation and strategic prowess.
  • Leading and mentoring IT consultants, ensuring they are aligned with Keystone’s objectives and are reaching their full potential.


🔍 We’re on the hunt for:

  • A tech-savvy communicator, fluent in the languages of both tech and business, including French and English (or Dutch). You tell your jokes perfectly in English.
  • A strategic ‘coder’, translating client needs into Keystone solutions.
  • A debugging expert in identifying and solving challenges in the business development process.
  • A professional with at least 5 years of experience and who understands that in the world of development, continuous learning, and iteration lead to success.


💼 What’s in it for you

  • Competitive ‘compensation package’ – because every developer of opportunities deserves their share of ‘runtime rewards’.
  • Professional ‘development’ environment – we’re all about upgrading our ‘systems’ for optimum performance.
  • A team of ‘co-developers’ – ready to pair-program our way to success, sharing ‘libraries’ of knowledge and experience.
  • ‘Version control’ for work-life balance – ensuring you have time to ‘commit’ to your personal life as well.


Ready to run your ‘code’ with us? Are you ready to compile your expertise with our dynamic team?

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