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Linux System Engineer AKA Linux Sorcerer of System

🚀 Your Mission

As the realm of Keystone Solutions expands, we invite you to embark on an adventure as a Linux Sorcerer of Systems, specializing in monitoring tools. Become an integral part of our Technical Office team, navigating the complexities of our infrastructure with precision and care. Your mission: ensure the heartbeats of our Linux and Windows servers are monitored effectively, deploying agents, conjuring solutions to monitoring mysteries, and upgrading the magical tools that keep our operations smooth and enemies at bay. 😊

🔍 We’re on the hunt for:

  • A seasoned adventurer with at least 6 years in the Linux landscape, wielding spells from RHEL 8 & 9. 🧙‍♂️
  • A sage with knowledge of monitoring spells like Dynatrace, and mastery of enchantments such as Elastic Search, Splunk, ITSI, and Kibana. 🪄
  • An engineer who confidently navigates Windows Server terrains. 🏰
  • A communication bard fluent in the common tongue (English), with bonus points for those skilled in the ancient dialects of Dutch or French. 🗣️
  • A team knight, proactive, quick to learn, autonomous, and empowering in collaborations. 🛡️
  • A champion comfortable in both bustling cities (onsite) and serene landscapes (homeworking), embracing the hybrid path—50% within the castle walls and 50% in their own enchanted forest. 🌳

💼 What’s in it for you:

  • Join a saga where every challenge is a dragon to be slain, every project an expedition, and every teammate a fellow warrior or mage in arms. 🐉
  • Thrive in a culture where creativity is our cauldron and collaboration the potion for continuous innovation. 🧪
  • Embark on an enriching journey filled with spellbinding challenges and rewards, destined to forge you into a legend within the annals of Keystone Solutions. 📜
  • Claim your chest of treasures – competitive compensation, benefits fit for a king or queen, and opportunities to grow stronger and wiser. 💰

🎯 Join the quest as a Linux Sorcerer of Systems and steer the ship of innovation at Keystone Solutions! ⚔️