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Production Security Captain AKA Production Security Architect

Embark on an extraordinary voyage with Keystone Solutions as we navigate through the digital landscape, ensuring safe and secure harbors for our clients’ valuable data treasures. 😊 As a Production Security Architect focused on CyberArk, you’ll become an integral part of our ProdSec fleet, steering us towards uncharted territories with finesse and strategic ingenuity. 🚀

🚀 Your mission

Scan the Horizon: Assess our current CyberArk environment, identifying any turbulent waters and recommending course corrections to ensure smooth sailing. 🌊
Captain of Integration: Commandeer the onboarding of all domain-joined Windows & Linux servers, while ensuring not domain-joined servers are also brought under the CyberArk banner. ⚓
Crew Assembly: Recruit system engineers, developers, and data engineers into the CyberArk ranks, troubleshooting as necessary and fostering a disciplined crew. 👩‍💻
Guardian of the Vault: Implement vigilant monitoring over admin accounts usage, ensuring only trusted hands have access to the kingdom’s keys. 🔒
Disaster Recovery Drills: Lead from the front during disaster recovery exercises, identifying weak spots and fortifying our defenses. 🛡️
Innovator of the Seas: Design and implement new CyberArk features, always keeping a watchful eye on the technological horizon. 🌅

🔍 We’re on the hunt for

– A seasoned navigator with at least 6 years charting through the CyberArk waters.
– Proficiency in Active Directory, Windows Server 2019 & 2022, RHEL 8, RHEL 9 – your trusted maps and compasses. 🗺️
– A true team player who thrives on collaboration and can rally the crew with dynamic leadership and clear communication. 🤝
– An analytical mind capable of decoding complex puzzles and plotting the best course forward. 🧩
– Someone who embodies resilience, adaptable to change and challenges, with the dexterity to maneuver through multi-cultural environments. 🌍

💼 What’s in it for you

– An epic adventure where your skills and strategies shape the future of Keystone Solutions.
– The chance to craft your path, filled with growth, learning, and treasures (competitive salary & benefits) along the way. 💰
– A vibrant culture where creativity is the wind in our sails, and collaboration the waves that propel us forward. 🌊

Hit the ‘Apply’ button and prepare for a journey where your skills steer the ship of innovation at Keystone Solutions!**

Let your career set sail with Keystone Solutions, where every day is a passage to new discoveries, safeguarding the digital realm with your expertise and valor. ⛵