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SAP Functional Analyst AKA SAP Functional Guardian

🪄 Role: ERP Magician

Join the dynamic fleet of Keystone Solutions, where we navigate through the seas of innovation, not just aiming for sustainability but setting the sails to achieve it. As an SAP Functional Analyst within our ERP realm, you’re not only an analyst; you’re the guardian of our SAP system, ensuring the smooth operation and journey of our MM and PM modules through the turbulent waves of business needs.

Your mission is to transform our SAP landscape from a mere group of islands into a closely interconnected archipelago where efficiency, friendliness, and sustainability are the ley lines that guide our voyage.

🚀 Your mission

– Navigate the murky waters of user support, providing guidance to key users and end-users, and resolving any incidents that arise on the horizon.
– Chart the course for project success through analyzing requirements, mapping out project scopes either solo or with a captain (project manager), and ensuring that the system configuration aligns with the enterprise’s compass.
– Draw the maps (documentation) and support the crew (team) through testing, adeptly handling the rigging through change management winds.
– With your spyglass focused, manage adaptive maintenance tickets, ensuring that our ship is not only maintained but always ready for voyages into new and improved business territories.

🔍 We’re on the hunt for

– A seasoned navigator with at least a decade of experience steering through the SAP MM and PM modules.
– An individual with the gift of the gab in French, capable of translating complex navigation terms into simpler sailors’ lingo.
– Someone who thrives in the bustling environment of a ship (office) but can also weather the storms remotely for two fixed days a week.
– A keen eye for detail, not just spotting land from afar but seeing the opportunities and dangers it might present.
– The ability to solo navigate or work as part of a fleet, with a unifying spirit that seeks to bring out the best in every crew member.
– Fluent command over the languages of IT Project Experience, SAP ERP, and SAP FIORI, with tales of your voyages (experiences) to be shared.

💼 What’s in it for you

– Be part of an odyssey where every day is a new horizon filled with opportunities and challenges.
– A culture that not only values teamwork and innovation but actively cultivates it, allowing you to grow and chart new personal and professional territories.
– A treasure chest that includes not only a competitive bounty (salary) but also a package of benefits designed to support you in and out of office waters.
– The chance to truly make a difference and steer the future course of public transport in Wallonia, impacting lives and the environment positively.

🎯 Hit the ‘Apply’ button and prepare for a journey where your skills steer the ship of innovation at Keystone Solutions! ⚓🌊