Keystone Solutions and Afelio joined forces to meet customer needs

Afelio is an IT application development company founded in 2013 and part of the NRB Group. This company aims to create personalized digital experiences for its customers.

The need of Afelio

Afelio was looking to recruit several developers and external consultants for long term projects that does not allow them to hire on Payroll. They needed available people throughout the various projects.
Finding the right people to work on the project is a challenge for Afelio. There are quite large and long projects for important clients and therefore require a lot of people to be assembled. Moreover, at Afelio, there is one and a half people working on recruitment. So, they do not spend much time on that even though the needs are there.
In this context, Afelio turned to Keystone Solutions who has profiles in the industry that Afelio is not familiar with and that they are very interested in. Julie Renson : “The IT is a sector where profiles are in short supply, and I know that Keystone Solutions is facing the same problem of profile shortage but each time, they still manage to get out of their hat quite quickly very good applications”.

Afelio’s road to Keystone Solutions

At Afelio, they are quite selective in their choice of external partners, but they are also quite open to discussion when they meet a new structure. Afelio launched Keystone Solutions on a few projects, and it quickly bore fruit.
The advantage was that Afelio works a lot with technologies that Keystone Solutions fully master. These technologies are Angular for the front end and Java or ASP.NET for the back end. Thus, Keystone Solutions proposed them resumes in adequacy with these technologies as well as new versions since it is important for Afelio to work with new versions of technologies.
That is where Keystone Solutions comes in handy for Afelio. Julie Renson : “At Keystone Solutions, each application is analyzed, met, and tested”.

” What I like about Keystone Solutions is that they always communicate very transparently. There have never been any unpleasant surprises, we know what to expect and we still hope to work with them on other projects in the future.” – Julie Renson, HR Partner at Afelio.

Interactions between collaborators

The particularity with Afelio is that they work mainly, not on products, but on projects that are managed from their offices in Liège. Their teams work with agile methodology, so they are constantly interacting all day their various meetings. For them, it is important to supervise people who work with this methodology, who understand it and who want to interact with colleagues.
As soon as Afelio sees a concrete project appear, they contact Keystone Solutions to explain the context of the project. Keystone Solutions also work with the Agile methodology which has allowed for effective collaboration and better co-understanding of Afelio’s way of working.

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