Keystone Solutions consultants at Tractebel’s service

Tractebel is recognized as one of the world’s largest engineering consulting companies. As a player in the energy transition for more than 150 years, Tractebel offers its customers multidisciplinary solutions in the fields of energy, water, and infrastructure.

The project of Tractebel

The project on which Tractebel was working was a research and development project that aimed to understand the content of the technical diagrams to make it more easily usable for engineers.
To understand the content, machine learning algorithms are implemented. The mission of the developer working on this project was to develop a user interface that made it possible to exploit this information so that engineers could interact with these diagrams more easily.

The encountered difficulties

During this project, Tractebel had to face challenges of several kinds. Indeed, there were a lot of changes at the level of the team internally and therefore another responsible took over the project.
Then, the development of the user interface was done in a hurry. Until now, Tractebel had focused on recognizing the content of schemas but without putting a user interface that allowed to exploit this content.
So, they started this development in a hurry and unfortunately, they never wondered what direction they wanted to take now and what is the priority customer they will try to reach with their idea. Unfortunately, they got lost on the way as they tried to meet all the needs that came to demonstrate that it was possible to do so. This prevented them from giving a clear direction to the future development of the project.

Tractebel’s need

To carry out this project, Tractebel was looking for a partner with a specific profile with several basic skills that were being sought after. Keystone made the move to Tractebel by offering its services and the choice stopped on a profile they proposed. The Keystone Solutions team mate had made a very good impression during the interview by spontaneously proposing an example of development that corresponded to the demand expressed in Tractebel’s function description which was for them a very positive element.

Course of the collaboration

As it is the case at Keystone Solutions, Tractebel is increasingly implementing an agile approach in their way of working. They were able to prove the effectiveness of this approach since they could show their various sponsors more measurable advancements.

« What I greatly appreciated at Keystone Solutions was the effort of proposal and their flexibility. Indeed, they were always looking for solutions. » Marc Vandamme, Group Manager Digital & Data at Tractebel.

The communication between Keystone Solutions and Tractebel was very close and interactive. Indeed, the product owner who had taken over the project interacted directly with the Keystone Solutions consultant on a regular basis. Marc Vandamme : “The expertise of the Keystone Solutions consultant has been very good. He did what was necessary to go and discover other things. As there was a bit of slack in the application, the consultant worked for a while in another field where he was able to experiment with several things that gave us a lot of information on how to do the development that we had in mind to do. This was very positive.”

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