Keystone Solutions’ IT consultants at the service of Civadis in the realization of their projects

Civadis is a member of the NRB group, which is specialized in the editing and commercialization of software for the local public sector in Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital Region. It offers its IT solutions to its customers, who are mainly municipal administrations, CPAS, emergency zones and police zones.

Civadis project

In the development teams at Civadis, they are mainly working on Java. They also have a particular application domain with which they are developing an application in collaboration with their sister company, Cevi et Logins located in Ghent and Malines, which is also part of the NRB group.
In this context, they had a co-development project for which they needed a .net developer. Civadis tried to recruit this person internally but without success.

Facing challenges

The difficulty for Civadis was to find a partner who, on the one hand, speaks English and, on the other hand, agrees to deliver work in Namur and Malines. Benoit Lothe : “At Civadis, we have already had consultants from other consulting companies for whom we made a mistake when hiring them because we had not pushed the hiring process far enough. In the past, we had one consultant who was there for a long-term project and ended up leaving the project a month later because he could not handle the project. With Keystone Solutions, this does not happen”.

“We are often contacted by consulting companies, but with Keystone Solutions, the service is done in a very transparent, very honest and very professional way.” Benoit Lothe, Human Resources Manager at Civadis.

In search of a solution

To prevent this kind of situation from happening again, Civadis turned to Keystone Solutions to match their expectations.

There are several projects on which Civadis and Keystone Solutions have collaborated. At Civadis, there was little outsourcing, so there are not many consultants. In fact, out of the 218 employees, there are about ten consultants.

For the projects mentioned above, they needed staff quickly to move forward more quickly with the projects and they went directly through Keystone Solutions. 

Civadis has also had consulting companies who send them expertise who were not yet working for them. They would not tell them and then when Civadis wanted to take on the person, a week before the start date, they told them they could not get him. That kind of thing has always been very clear with Keystone Solutions.
With Keystone Solutions, Civadis ended up very satisfied with the contact, the follow-up, and the quality of the exchanges because we are very attentive. Benoit Lothe: “Keystone Solutions’ strength is the quality of service. I think they are one of our best partners at the consultant level.”

Before starting the project, Civadis asked for additional specific training. Keystone responded to their request as they immediately allowed their consultant to take this training which allowed him to arrive at Civadis with a fresh background. He was therefore able to integrate the projects very easily.

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