IT Consulting Services

Do you have an internal development coming up and need extra talents to boost the project ?

Keystone Solutions offers the possibility to add extra talent on demand to boost your projects. This will allow you to reach your goals faster with the help of the right resource and to stay within your timing and budget.

Re-inforce your workforce go-to network with the right skills!

Project boost

At Keystone Solutions, we hire and develop top talents with specialized IT skills which gives us the possibility to scale up at any time to meet your needs. Our experts also have outstanding communication skills which allows a swift and painless integration into the existing teams.

Thanks to our collaborative model, and to our proven experience in various industries, we can work with agility in an ever-evolving context and guarantee best in class services deliveries.


Our strengths lie in the fact that our people are talented highly specialized engineers. We are also able to be very flexible according to your needs and expectations. We offer on-demand expertise since, depending on your needs, we are able to provide you with consultants who meet your criteria and who have the necessary skills to carry out your project.

Staff augmentation vs. Dedicated teams

Within our IT Consulting Services, we offer two possibilities to our clients depending on their needs. Indeed, you can opt for a staff augmentation or a dedicated team.

Staff augmentation is suitable in cases where a company needs one or more people who have knowledge that is missing from its current team. In this case, we give you the possibility to complete your team in order to have all the necessary expertise to carry out the project.

As for the dedicated team, this possibility is suitable for companies that wish to completely outsource the realization of the project by entrusting the whole of it to one of our teams.


Risk management

Working on your projects with Keystone Solutions consultants will allow you to outsource the risks. When you hire people, you commit to managing those resources, making sure the person is fulfilled in their job, etc. When you hire our consultants, we take care of all that. Indeed, our clients call on us to avoid being exposed to these risks. Therefore, consultancy allows a good risk Management.

Long term relation & Expensive

When we talk about IT consulting services, we often think that it is an expensive service and that it necessarily involves a long-term relationship. On the contrary, Keystone Solutions offers several pricing models and adapts to each situation and each project. When you hire someone, you need to budget quite a bit. When you use consulting, the cost of hiring is completely covered.