Software Development Outsourcing

You have a specific software need but do not have the internal expertise to answer it?

Keystone Solutions provides the solutions based on your Business software specifications in close collaboration. We continuously invest in people’s development and knowledge to provide innovative and reliable services to customers who wish to outsource Professional Software Development. From translating business needs into IT projects, to specific application development, we provide 6 different types of outsourcing services :

We propose 3 models

Why choose us as Software Development Partner?

1. Capability Maturity Model

We have determined a matrix of competencies and we have a level of expertise in each of these competencies. As a development partner, we make sure that we have efficient communication. We use the right resources for each project and make sure to meet deadlines.

2. Security by design

We follow ISO standards to better integrate into your business. The principle of the ISO is to structure procedures. Indeed, we work the way you want us to work so that we are able to integrate easily. To achieve this goal, we allow our members to take a variety of training courses of their choice. All this with the sole purpose of enriching their skills and knowledge and grow along with the company.

3. Talented Engineers

If we stand out in the market, it is thanks to our talented engineers. Indeed, we place great importance on talented and productive team members. Indeed, our employees put their expertise at the service of our customers in order to offer them innovative solutions.

4. Local delivery & expertise

By choosing us as your development partner, you will benefit from our local workforce which will allow you to quickly achieve your goals and to communicate instantly with our Top Engineers since we share the same time.

5. Language's skills

We master a whole range of languages.

6. Development Methodology

In our development methodology, everyone has their own specific tasks, but they must work together to ensure that all the pieces come together at the right time. We believe that our team is only successful when the product is satisfactorily delivered to the customer. In software development, business units ask for the product they want to develop by providing requirements.

As an Agile team, we take all these requirements into account and determine how to organize our work to achieve timely delivery to the different business teams. The Scrum Master, in consultation with the Product Owner and the Development team, organizes the requirements into groups. Then, these groups are placed in order to the first things that need to get done first and so on.

We are now in the scrum process where Developers implement what they committed to, making adjustments as they go to deliver the desired result based on feedback from stakeholders, the Product Manager and their own insights. In the Agile method, giving each other feedback during the development work is something that is done until the project is delivered.

Working with us in project mode

We move forward with our projects by following several stages that allow us to organize the project in the best possible way. The completion of a project requires seven main stages: Project brief, Methodology, Planning, Execute, Track progress, Validate/Test your product and Delivery.

The first step is getting to know your organization’s requirements and business needs to enable leveraging our resources deployment. Secondly, we study the methodology that we are going to use. In the third step, we determine a plan that will allow you to achieve your goals. The fourth step consists of implementing the strategy that we have determined beforehand.

After, we move on to the Track progress stage where we analyze the impact that our services and strategy have already had on the project. During the sixth stage, we validate the strategy we have proposed, and we test the product. Finally, delivery is not the end. With Keystone Solutions, you will be able to benefit from our strong accountability, implying a regular follow-up and quality of the delivered services.